Saturday, April 19, 2014


There are people driving around town
in convertibles.
On principle,
they look happier than other people.

Some front lawns have become
fields of dandelions
and I want to lay right down
and roll in them.

The other day,
I walked past a man mowing his lawn.
And not until I saw him
did I realize how long it'd been
since I heard
the buzz of the engine
and the smell of the clippings.
That sound and that smell
make the loveliest combination.
I cried.

I have my first bug bite
of the year.
It itches.

At this very moment,
I'm sitting in my front yard.
Two pair of quail
just scuttled past,
not ten feet away from me.
I can only imagine they're on
a Saturday afternoon
double date.

It's springtime.
I really don't know
what else to say.

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