Monday, April 21, 2014

Saying the Same Thing.

Since we all use the internet,
we probably all see internet behaviors
that annoy us.

My roommates know me
as someone who gets annoyed
by many internet behaviors.
Maybe more than average.

They're right.

What I hate most
is things that go viral.
I hate when everyone
is talking
and posting
and watching
the same thing.

I guess it's the hipster in me.
The minute something is trending,
I don't care about it.
And I get irritated
that everyone else does.
I refuse to post
about it,
even if I believe in the cause.

But think about it.
The internet is amazing.
You can say anything
at anytime
and know that someone will see it.

Compared to every other age of history
we have staggering power of self-expression.

And every man and woman
has the choice
about what he or she will choose to say
with that power.

I just wonder why
everyone would choose
to say the same thing
when they know that everyone else
is already saying it.

Like on every holiday,
when everyone posts
"Happy valentines day!!!"

Why put that into the world
when it doesn't exhibit
any creativity
or any spark of your personality
or what makes you special?

I guess people are just saying
what they feel,
what they think is important.
They're sharing what touched them
and what they would like other people to see.

And I guess
in a lot of ways
we are all the same.
We think the same things
are important,
we're touched by the same things,
and we want other people to see
the same things
that those people want us to see.

Not everyone prioritizes
being witty
and original
and making people laugh
the way I do.

I probably prioritize it too highly.

But I have to wonder,
if we've got so much power
to express ourselves,
why are we all saying the same thing?

1 comment:

  1. I completely agree. I didn't post a #becauseofHim on Easter till the very last minute because I was afraid of doing the same thing everyone else was doing.