Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Everything the light touched was my kingdom.

Early this evening,
I went running
as the day's rain was drying up
and the sun was just beginning
its initial descent,
just barely leaning toward the horizon.

I had run 4 miles
and just as I crested the last hill--
after which the road leading home
sloped sweetly downward the rest of the way--
a cloud jumped out of the way
and there was the brilliant sun.

And just then
one of my favorite songs
flared up into a reprise of the chorus,
and my feet pushed off hard
from the pavement
with each unrelenting beat.

I felt like a queen.
Like Simba.
Everything the light touched
was my kingdom.
I surveyed the miles and miles
of green and brown
laid out in the valley below me,
only rarely interrupted,
it seemed,
by some house or building.

My legs flew below me
without my making any effort.

I peeked back
as I rounded a corner,
and up from the south,
wide and evil behind me,
a mass of black rain clouds
pushed their way toward the sun.
It was a metaphor for Good and Evil
playing out in the sky.
And I knew that Good would win
and I would win.

A picture of my kingdom
from another day.

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