Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Since I recently realized
I started thinking
about what my other life dreams are.

-Make ketchup from scratch.
How come nobody does that?

-Participate in a rally/protest/march.
This is a necessity, given my love of the Sixties.

-Pretend to be someone's girlfriend for something.
They make it look really fun on tv.
And I think I'd be good at it.

-Eat 3 meals at 3 different restaurants 
in the same day.
That'd be sick, literally and figuratively.

-Karaoke/know all the words to 
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia."
I love rap and I love folk music.
Combining them was a pretty good idea 
that someone once had.

-Exercise until I puke.
Again, that'd be sick.

-Take engagement pictures here.
That's a 10-foot-tall plush nature scene
tucked behind a stairwell at UVU.

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