Monday, April 28, 2014

No Words: Parks and Recreation.

I recently watched
the first five seasons
of Parks and Recreation
in one long, glorious binge.

(No spoilers.
I need to catch up
on the most recent one.)

There are no words to describe
how much I love it.

If you could combine
the love I feel
for my three or four closest friends,
that's how much I love
every character on that show.

I have shed actual tears
four or five times
because I was so moved.

The first time
was on Ron's birthday.

My heart would be so happy
if I could move to Pawnee
and be friends with those people.

I love when the corners of April's mouth
can't help but turn up.

I love how much Donna loves her Benz.

I want to be 
a watered-down version of Leslie:
always giving the best gifts,
celebrating obscure anniversaries,
and loving Joe Biden.

I love when Ron rolls his eyes
and smiles behind his moustache.

I love every word of wisdom
Ron has ever distilled.

Mostly, there are no words to describe
how much I love Ron Swanson.

I'm sorry,
but swoon.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

How Love Works

Isn't is interesting
how love works?

The other day
I drove past someone I recently met,
whom I had barely even talked to,
but my heart literally leapt
because I guess I decided that I love him.

Sometimes I can't help but love people
because I love one of their siblings.

Sometimes I can't help but love people
because I love one of their roommates.

And I reserve the right
to hate every guy
that's ever broken up
with one of my friends--
just a little bit.

The fact that there isn't a good reason
for any of this
is what makes it so great.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Since I recently realized
I started thinking
about what my other life dreams are.

-Make ketchup from scratch.
How come nobody does that?

-Participate in a rally/protest/march.
This is a necessity, given my love of the Sixties.

-Pretend to be someone's girlfriend for something.
They make it look really fun on tv.
And I think I'd be good at it.

-Eat 3 meals at 3 different restaurants 
in the same day.
That'd be sick, literally and figuratively.

-Karaoke/know all the words to 
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia."
I love rap and I love folk music.
Combining them was a pretty good idea 
that someone once had.

-Exercise until I puke.
Again, that'd be sick.

-Take engagement pictures here.
That's a 10-foot-tall plush nature scene
tucked behind a stairwell at UVU.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Saying the Same Thing.

Since we all use the internet,
we probably all see internet behaviors
that annoy us.

My roommates know me
as someone who gets annoyed
by many internet behaviors.
Maybe more than average.

They're right.

What I hate most
is things that go viral.
I hate when everyone
is talking
and posting
and watching
the same thing.

I guess it's the hipster in me.
The minute something is trending,
I don't care about it.
And I get irritated
that everyone else does.
I refuse to post
about it,
even if I believe in the cause.

But think about it.
The internet is amazing.
You can say anything
at anytime
and know that someone will see it.

Compared to every other age of history
we have staggering power of self-expression.

And every man and woman
has the choice
about what he or she will choose to say
with that power.

I just wonder why
everyone would choose
to say the same thing
when they know that everyone else
is already saying it.

Like on every holiday,
when everyone posts
"Happy valentines day!!!"

Why put that into the world
when it doesn't exhibit
any creativity
or any spark of your personality
or what makes you special?

I guess people are just saying
what they feel,
what they think is important.
They're sharing what touched them
and what they would like other people to see.

And I guess
in a lot of ways
we are all the same.
We think the same things
are important,
we're touched by the same things,
and we want other people to see
the same things
that those people want us to see.

Not everyone prioritizes
being witty
and original
and making people laugh
the way I do.

I probably prioritize it too highly.

But I have to wonder,
if we've got so much power
to express ourselves,
why are we all saying the same thing?

Saturday, April 19, 2014


There are people driving around town
in convertibles.
On principle,
they look happier than other people.

Some front lawns have become
fields of dandelions
and I want to lay right down
and roll in them.

The other day,
I walked past a man mowing his lawn.
And not until I saw him
did I realize how long it'd been
since I heard
the buzz of the engine
and the smell of the clippings.
That sound and that smell
make the loveliest combination.
I cried.

I have my first bug bite
of the year.
It itches.

At this very moment,
I'm sitting in my front yard.
Two pair of quail
just scuttled past,
not ten feet away from me.
I can only imagine they're on
a Saturday afternoon
double date.

It's springtime.
I really don't know
what else to say.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Happy Pig.

Today at Katie's birthday party,
I suggested that we go around
and tell our favorite memories of her.

I told a silly story
about her as a three-year-old.

But on my way home,
I started thinking.

What good memory
of my teenage years
doesn't have Katie in it?

Katie is
the first time I learned to sing alto
by sitting next to her in choir.

Katie is
the courage to actually dance
at dances.

Katie is
leaving intricately folded notes
in each other's lockers.

Katie is
mix cds.

Katie is
making her collages
because I loved her so much.

Katie is
watching Project Runway at her house.

Katie is
trying new recipes
that don't work out
because we substitute too many ingredients.

Katie is
making movies in her backyard
about trees named Landon.

Katie is
dancing crazy in her bedroom
while the rest of my classmates
are at Homecoming.

Katie is
a text message on my first day
of college
from her in Delaware.

ever and always,
Katie is singing camp songs,
wearing pioneer dresses,
playing Big Booty,
and being the most positive one
in every adventure.
Hiking for days
without one complaint
leaving her lips.
The one who makes you want
to be the you
that you want to be.

Katie is
The Happy Pig.

And without her,
I wouldn't have been
nearly as happy
as I was.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Time I Was on TV.

I got to sing in a choir 
that was on international television!

That's my shoulder in the second row from the top!

It was a dream come true
to sing in that room
that seats 21,000,
accompanied by that organ,
for leaders of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
who are literal prophets.

An entry on my bucket list
that I never dreamed could really happen. 

If you missed seeing me,
it's not too late!
This song is about God's pure gospel
being restored to the earth
for our times,
after centuries of spiritual confusion.

To me,
this song is about 
the joy of being a Christian
in today's world.

In a world where believing in Jesus Christ
doesn't make sense, 
believing in Him is the only thing 
that allows life to make sense.

Look for me at the top of the shot at 1:15 and again at 2:10!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Things That Made Me Cry Today, Part 2.

The thought
and imminent possibility 
of going fishing
for the first time
in my life.

Walking into a room
and seeing a table
filled with gorgeous food
(including petit fours),
all of which
I'm allowed to eat
in whatever quantity
I desire.

Listening to 
Miracles Happen
from The Princess Diaries
and remembering
when Jenn taught me to roller blade
in her basement.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Everything the light touched was my kingdom.

Early this evening,
I went running
as the day's rain was drying up
and the sun was just beginning
its initial descent,
just barely leaning toward the horizon.

I had run 4 miles
and just as I crested the last hill--
after which the road leading home
sloped sweetly downward the rest of the way--
a cloud jumped out of the way
and there was the brilliant sun.

And just then
one of my favorite songs
flared up into a reprise of the chorus,
and my feet pushed off hard
from the pavement
with each unrelenting beat.

I felt like a queen.
Like Simba.
Everything the light touched
was my kingdom.
I surveyed the miles and miles
of green and brown
laid out in the valley below me,
only rarely interrupted,
it seemed,
by some house or building.

My legs flew below me
without my making any effort.

I peeked back
as I rounded a corner,
and up from the south,
wide and evil behind me,
a mass of black rain clouds
pushed their way toward the sun.
It was a metaphor for Good and Evil
playing out in the sky.
And I knew that Good would win
and I would win.

A picture of my kingdom
from another day.