Sunday, March 30, 2014

No Words: Pizza Hut

Once I wrote a blog post
about how I loved Ray Charles so much
that there were no words
to describe it.

But of course I had to try.

Lately, there have been a lot of things
that my love for
has defied the power of words to describe.

Like Pizza Hut.

There's a Pizza Hut Express
in the UVU food court.
It might be my favorite thing about UVU.

Even though the word express in the title
is misleading,
it's always worth the (long) wait
to get five glorious breadsticks,

each covered in so much parmesan
that you're in danger of choking
if you inhale too deeply.

You always feel a little sick afterward,
but that might be the best part.

For some reason,
I have vivid memories of

drinking water out of plastic tumblers
at birthday parties
at the sit-down, dine-in Pizza Hut
when I was little.

And that might be half the reason
that I love it so much.

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