Sunday, September 14, 2014

Friendship is Magic.

Isn't the fact
that people have friends
kind of amazing?

I'm not trying to be self-deprecating
and say that I'm surprised that I have friends.
Like, I think I'm a pretty cool human.

But it's kind of a miracle
that anyone has friends.

Think about it.

There are other humans out there,
the living, breathing type,
who think thoughts in their heads
and are busy
and sometimes are kind
and sometimes aren't.

And they say to themselves,
"I want to do something today,"
"I've got something funny to say."

And then,
even if it's subconscious,
your face
and your name
and memories of you
come to their minds.

So they call you
or text you.

You laugh together.
You do something together.
You're friends.

Somebody chooses you.
And you choose them.

Of all the people out there
to choose from,
you choose each other.

It's a sweet, sweet miracle.

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