Monday, February 17, 2014

What a Difference a Day Made.

Presidents Day is my favorite holiday.

And here's why today was the best one
I've ever had:

Calling my mom at 7 am
to make sure she hadn't died
like she had in my dream.
(She hadn't.)

Lying in bed until 10,
listening to my 70s playlist.

Going on a run,
and getting tears in my eyes
on the way back
because it's unseasonably warm
and I'm so tired
and a good song is playing
and the mountains are beautiful.

Lunch at Zupas with Amy
and running into Megan there.
Taking so much longer to finish my food
than she does
because I'm talking so much.

Lying around all afternoon
with Amy,
learning about selfies
and teaching her about Instagram.

Going to see the angels,
and feeling so happy
that their apartment still feels like heaven.

Seeing Rachel on Presidents Day
for the first time in three years.

Watching the sunset over Utah Lake
and the snow on Mount Timpanogos.

Doing things you've never done before.

Watching Seinfeld with Justin
and laughing so hard.

Roommates returning from weekends away.

Skyping with my best friends, the Knowltons.

And, you know.
All these guys.

What a difference a day made.

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