Saturday, February 1, 2014

Married Friends.

I love hanging out with my married friends.

They invite me to their houses,
and I sit in their living rooms and talk with them.

I love that I can talk to the wife
just like we talked before she was a wife,
when she was just my friend.
We can talk about boys
and anything else
with her husband in the room.

And it feels just the same as
before he was in the picture--
except better,
because he usually has funny things to add.

I love that my friends are still my friends,
except better,
because of the way their eyes light up
when they talk about their husbands.

I love the comfort of being a third wheel.
There is something normal
about being with a married couple.
It's like being with a family.

I sit in the living room
with my friend
and her husband
and feel completely accepted.

I never feel quite that way
anywhere else,
except at my parents' house.

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