Saturday, February 22, 2014


Let me tell you
about one of my favorite things:
talking about feelings.

It's funny,
because I used to hate it.
I literally couldn't start a sentence
with the words I feel
without feeling uncomfortable.

But I changed.

I love stating my opinions
(sometimes forcefully)
and resolving disagreements with friends.

The best kind of feelings to share
are relationship feelings.
Of course.

The thought of having the loathed
"Define the Relationship" talk
fills me with excitement.

Talking. Feelings.
Let's define this relationship.

You get to say
everything you've been wanting to say
all along.
this is when I started liking you
this is why I like you
and just plain
I like you.

Call me crazy,
but I even love break up talks.

Everyone's feelings are valid,
even when their feelings are
I don't like you anymore.

When you're being completely honest
about your feelings
and he's being completely honest
about his feelings,
you're both being transparent.

There are no walls between you,
so you understand each other.
You become closer, almost,
as your relationship is ending.

I don't know, guys.
Maybe I am crazy.
But talking about feelings
has made me happier
than not talking about feelings
ever has.

Try it.