Sunday, February 16, 2014

Behind Their Backs.

A couple of years ago
something funny kept happening to me.

All the time,
people would say,
"I heard you have
a great blog,"
"Someone was saying 
nice things about you."

And I'd say,

And they'd say,
"Oh, I don't remember."

Like, often.

Someone was spreading
nice rumors about me,
and I never figured out who it was.

I could tell you about other times
when someone told me
something unbelievably nice
that someone else had said about me.

Every time I was thrilled
and speechless
and couldn't quite believe it.
That person really
said that about me?

I can only imagine
that this happens all the time,
not just to me.

It makes me want to say
nice things about people
behind their backs.
And to their faces.

1 comment:

  1. I read this, looked at Heidi, and said, "I like it!" Does that count as something nice said behind your back? :)