Sunday, February 23, 2014

Almost Famous.

It's been almost two months
since I moved into the Almost Famous house.
And they've been almost perfect months.

I love the quiet little street I live on.
Timpanogos looms over it 
in all her splendor.

I love the humans that live here.

Ellie makes me laugh
40% more often
than the average human.
She does everything
and does it all well.

I love when Brooke and I
meet up in the living room
and talk about boys.
I love when she practices singing.
She thinks it's annoying,
but it's not.

Emma makes the world around her
a more beautiful place.
I want to dress like her
and dream like her
and be like her.

Betsy sends the best texts
and writes the best tweets.
I love it every time
she emerges from the basement
and we have talks in the kitchen.

Kaitlin is friends with
over half of the humans in Provo.
When you meet her, you know why.
She is as kind as can be
and as crazy as can be.

It's such a blessing
that I moved in with 5 strangers
and it turned out so well.
They're just what I needed.

1 comment:

  1. How fun to move in with five strangers and become such good friends. Love this picture, too cute ;)
    xo TJ