Monday, January 27, 2014

You can fight City Hall.

I already posted this picture of Ralph Nader
on facebook this week,

but I have to write words about him too.

I watched a documentary about him
called An Unreasonable Man.
(It's free on Amazon Instant Video with Prime!)

Did you know that he is the main reason
that we have seat belts
and airbags
and safe cars?

And he has worked tirelessly for years
as a consumer advocate,
so that our medicines have warning labels on them
and we have the right to know
when we're working around unsafe chemicals.

He has worked tirelessly for years
for the common man.

He ran for president a few times.
His aggressive 2000 election
may or may not
have cost Al Gore the election.

Lots of people think he is crazy.
His friends worry that his crazy political involvement
is detrimental to his other goals
and may tarnish his legacy.

In his own words:
"I don't care about my personal legacy.
I care about how much justice is advocated in America
and in our world
day after day,
and I'm willing to sacrifice whatever 'reputation'
in the cause of that effort."

Someone in the documentary said
that Ralph's life is proof
that you can fight City Hall.
Your vote counts.

Love him or hate him,
he believes in the virtue of the law
and in the American dream.
The American myth.

He believes in something,
and has every day of his life.

I admire him.

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