Sunday, January 19, 2014


Patience is like
when you go to a show

and the band you're there for 
is playing third or last,

and every sound check lasts
a quarter of your life,

and there are groups of young girls
talking so loud right next to you

and you still have to find something
beautiful in the experience
while you wait.

Like the red lighting tinging the outline
of a singer's beard,

like the way the floor shakes under you
so you don't even have to dance,

like a strobe light
flashing in your eyes,

like watching someone create something
right in front of you,
and thinking about your own status
as a created thing.

And then,
as if a reward for your patient waiting,
the group you're there to see comes on,
and your heart swells wide as the open sky,
and the room fills up
from floor to ceiling
with love.

Chrisanne told me to take a picture,
and I realized I'm the worst photographer.