Friday, January 10, 2014

Partyin, Partyin, Yeah.

Tell me why

the fruit snacks I left for my roommates
on their second day of school,

the problems I've solved at work this week,

the will power I've had to make dinner
instead of going out to eat,

the good nights' sleeps I've had,

the effort I've made to see all my friends
even though I've moved,

everything I've learned
in the hours of documentaries I've watched,

the courage I had to walk out of a movie tonight
that made me a little uncomfortable
and I just plain didn't want to watch

don't seem to mean anything anymore
because now I'm
at home
on a Friday night.

Whether you have plans on Friday night
has nothing to do with how good of a person you are
or even how many friends you have.

I mean,
I think not.

Jury's still out.

I spent the evening with this,
and I think it was a pretty good use of time.

And now I'm crying
and asking myself,
Who would ever kill Abraham Lincoln?

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