Wednesday, January 8, 2014

If not for Christmas, by New Years night.

What being home for Christmas was like:

Still parking like a boss,
even though I hadn't driven a car in months.

Getting a yellow toothbrush at the dentist
without even having to ask.

Longhorn Steakhouse > Texas Roadhouse

Episodes of History Detectives with Mom.

Dancing the hula to '60s cowboy music with Dad.

The Avengers with Jeff.
I know I'm a hater,
but it wasn't so bad.

Reading dystopian teen fiction out loud with Katie.
In the world of Divergent, I'm totally Candor.

That smallest one was smaller than
my little fingernail.

I took this picture with Santa
when I thought Santa cared.

The taste of Delaware.
Delaware is delicious.

I always look through all my old notebooks
when I'm at home.
Gold from APUS.

Making a quilt
with high school t-shirts.
And check out our new floor!

Katie's bows from her Christmas presents
always end up on her head.
This year she was "trailing clouds of glory."

Great Aunt Myrna sent some family photos
in her Christmas card.
Grandpa, Grandma, Blacky, Uncle Robert, & Mom.

Katie made the literal best pie
in this world.


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