Sunday, September 1, 2013

What is my reason for being happy today?

We have a quote on the back of our front door.
What is my reason for being happy today?

Sometimes I see that and hate it.
Sometimes I don't.

Here's what made me happiest today:

1. The print of my new skirt,
and the fact that I got to stare at it
every time I sat down.

It is seriously so beautiful
it makes me want to weep.

This is it.

2. Turkey Hill ice cream,
imported straight from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,
was on sale at Smith's yesterday!

Who knew that was even possible?

I bought Fudge Ripple,
and it tastes exactly like my childhood.

3. Meeting a girl who just did an internship
at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library,
and whose dream is to work at the Nixon library.

New best friend?

4. Roommates.
One who feels like my little sister,
one who is exceptionally good at reading
Lord of the Rings out loud,
one who I just met and love,
one who knows the songs of my heart.

And old roommates
who are still part of the family.

And friends who come over 
and feel like roommates.

5. Let's be honest,
Jesus Christ is my reason for being happy
any day.

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