Sunday, September 8, 2013

No Goats, No Glory.

Yesterday was my first state fair.
Thanks to Utah
for being a state
and for letting me come.

We watched the sheep judging
and a lumberjack competition.

We looked at cows and swine and rabbits
and goats.

This is me at the county fair last year.

There was a big sign that said

And I realized how much I love goats.
They're right up there with quails.

The best part was the creative arts,
seeing the woodwork
and leatherwork
and quilts
and little Christmas decorations
that people had made.

Some of the stuff
honestly looked so strange,
was so small and homely.

And I shed a tear,
thinking of the earnest people
who spent hours making these things
and cared about them enough
to enter them in the fair.

It was a great display
of American tradition
and of the human spirit.

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