Monday, August 5, 2013

You'll Be in My Heart (Pop Version).

This is Katie.
We're sisters.

Today is her birthday.

The greatest tribute
that I can give to her life
is with my own life.

So much of me is because of her.
All the cool parts of me are, at least.

The music I like.
The movies I quote.
The sports I watch.
The food I order at restaurants.

Wherever I go,
people like me because of her.

Where would my fond memories of growing up be
without playing Barbies
long after she was too old for them,
"dejunking" our room
while we listened to Now 3,
playing duets,
and watching tennis tournaments
while eating Texas toast and soft pretzels?

I'm glad she's my monkey sister,
sistergirl honey child butternut squash,
white beaver,
graduate of loonbuggy school,


  1. This is tender. Y'all are so cute!

  2. Don't forget, "Don't get crazy on me!" And who was that beauty queen girl?