Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We shall overcome someday.

Fifty years ago
was the great year

In the beginning of the year,
George Wallace became governor of Alabama
and inauspiciously began his term,
"Segregation now,
segregation tomorrow,
and segregation forever!"

But in August,
fifty years ago today,
black and white met
in a hallowed place
presided over by a great man of freedom.

And Dr. King
told us about his dream.

He said,
"Segregation never
and no more!"

He said words
that made us think of our own dreams--

words that still enter our hearts
fifty years later
with all the power that language can hold,
brimming with as many gleaming ideals
as feeble man can aspire to.

I'm glad that
he didn't trade his ability to dream
for the drought of bitterness,
a mess of pottage
compared with the inestimable birthright
that was his as a son of Adam.

The human soul can endure
when it knows that it shall overcome.

"The most important verse
is the one they wrote down in Montgomery, Alabama.
They said,
'We are not afraid.'"

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