Sunday, August 25, 2013

Introvert Weekend.

I can never quite decide
whether I'm an introvert
or an extrovert.

I've been pretty shy
around people I don't know well.

At the same time,
I love being around other people.

I feel like
life offers you enough alone time
as it is:
when you're in the bathroom,
when you walk from place to place.
you're alone with yourself in your head
all the time.
The rest of the time,
I'd like to be with others.

This weekend, however,
I completely introverted it.

I slept long,
and read books,
went places by myself.
Mostly, though,
I didn't leave my house
or talk to virtually anyone.

It was nice.
But it was enough.

I'm ready to reenter the land of the living.

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