Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Yellow Taxi.

Four years ago today
I moved into Heritage Halls
to begin college.

I unpacked my stuff,
met my new roommates,
ate lunch at the Creamery with Ashley,
remarked that some of the boys walking by
didn't look a day over 15.

Then, I was alone all afternoon,
and sad.
I read my scriptures,
and then I recall eating a rice cake for dinner.
(I hadn't been able to believe how much
groceries had cost at the store that day.)

And that's how I,
at eighteen,
started my grand adventure.

I drove past Heritage
on my way to work.

The building I lived in
has been torn down.

And in its place--

it's too perfect--


They paved paradise
and put up a parking lot.

I'll admit,
I cried as I drove by today.

I was so young
and I learned so much about love.

For a mad moment,
I thought I'd like to go back.
But then I realized
that would never do.

You can never go back.
You can only love your memories.

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