Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beauty for beauty's sake.

I believe in beauty,
and it's one of the themes
I like to write about.

I believe that beautiful things
give us glimpses of God.
And appreciating the beauty of things
makes you more of a person.

Like beauty in a landscape,
or in words,
or in a film.

But what about beauty in people?


Appreciating a person
just because that person is beautiful
doesn't seem to expand your soul.

It makes you shallow.

In everything else in this world,
I espouse
beauty for beauty's sake.

But in people,
it's so different.

You're not allowed to appreciate a person
just for being beautiful
because they didn't do anything to get it.
They were born that way.

But we would never look at a sunset and say,
"That sunset doesn't deserve my appreciation
because it didn't work to be beautiful."

I guess we should look at beauty in people
and appreciate humanity and the chance to live
instead of consuming it on our lusts.

Because really,
people are the most beautiful thing
on this earth!
They of all creations
should be pondered
and admired
and found beautiful.


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  2. I think it is also important to realize that our definition of beauty, when it comes to people, should change. My mother-in-law is nearly sixty, struggles with being overweight, and walks with some difficulty because of her bad knee, but I think she's beautiful. And before anyone says, "Gross! You're in love with your mother-in-law," I say, "Of course I am! She gave me Chantelle, didn't she? I love her for raising my wife and for being an example to me in service and kindness. I love her for welcoming me into her family with open arms. And yes, that makes her beautiful."

    To add to that idea in a different way, I am studying anatomy in medical school. The way our bodies work is very beautiful to me. I love its simplicity and complexity. I love its economy and redundancy. It has so many mechanisms and systems designed to support and sustain life and health. Its just plain amazing! And I find that beautiful.