Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Marauder's Map.

Sometimes I think of God
as keeping track of us all
with a big old Marauder's Map.

I thought of this tonight.

The cool darkness of sunset
tugged at me inexorably,
and so I left my empty house
to go for a walk.

I saw the most amazing moon,
taking its throne 
as the last memories of day
disappeared over the distant western mountains.

And I contemplated how singularly dear
is the whack of a tennis racquet
and the soft screeching of shoes on a court.

I watched my shadow walk next to me,
both of us caught in sad nostalgia.

And I thought,
"No one on this earth has any idea where I am.
Only God, with His Marauder's Map,
can see me."


  1. What he the moon taking her throne image.