Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to be more American, Star-Spangled Edition.


played on original instruments
from the National Museum of American History,
and arranged in the style of the mid-19th century.


Whitney Houston sang the national anthem
at the Super Bowl during the Persian Gulf War.

The way she sings it
makes the broad stripes and bright stars glitter,
and your heart swell 
with the bombs bursting in air.


While you're at it,
go ahead an sing all four verses.
Out loud.
Right now.

And think about how it would feel
to see your flag still waving over the battlefield,
to know that this young, hard-earned freedom
had not been prematurely torn from your hands.

And for fun,
look up 
"Bob Dylan wannabe sings The Star-Spangled Banner"
on Youtube.

Any song sung in the style of Bob Dylan
will make you more American.

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