Monday, July 29, 2013

Dairy Queen.

When I look back on this summer,
one of my best memories
will be evening runs with Ashley
to get frozen treats.

With no air conditioning in our apartment
and lots of church activities to go to
that we don't always want to attend,
we find lots of reasons to reward ourselves.

the choice was between
McDonalds & Dairy Queen.

At home,
the Dairy Queen never seemed
to have any customers,
and I always felt a little sad
for that empty building.

I'd much rather give Dairy Queen my business
than McDonalds,
I decided.

So we went,
and everything on the menu
looked like it would hit the spot.

We literally let 10 people go in front of us
while we were trying to pick.

I saw a cute father and son,
and it made me think of childhood.
Some evenings were special
for no special reason,
and you got to go to Dairy Queen.

It was there that my dad and I discovered
that I needed glasses.
He asked me if I could read
the billboard across the street.
I couldn't.
The rest is history.

What I'm trying to say is this:
It seems like a real American thing to do
to give Dairy Queen your business.
They deserve it.

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  1. A sundae please! Caramel with salted nuts--no wet nuts. Do they have wet nuts in Utah? Mom