Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So, there's a thing called StrengthsFinder.

Maybe it's just positive psychology mumbo jumbo,
but I think it's pretty insightful.

It says my #1 strength is connectedness.

"[You] have faith 
in the links between all things.

By nature,
you consider people 
more important
than things.

You consider ways
to initiate, nurture, or sustain
some of the linkages between individuals or groups.

You help people realize
they are part of the human family."

Francois Brunelle photographs
strangers that look like twins.

I think that description of me is dead on.

I like to think about
and blog about
what it means to be human.

I see people who are alone,
and I worry about them.
when I see them with friends,
I'm relieved. 

I notice who likes each other
and then I get particular joy
when they start dating.

And I can't describe how happy I feel
when people I love


  1. I love strengthsfinder! What a neat thing for you, I can definitely see that as being your number one strength. beautiful!