Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Silvery chords.

I believe
that when this big ole world is no more,
our souls and bodies will go on livin

And we'll have nothin but time.

Then we'll have the chance
to make everyone our friends,

to say all the nice things
that we were afraid to say here,
to think all the nice things
that we weren't kind enough to think of here.


Sometimes you love people on earth
and it don't make sense why you do.
So you don't tell 'em.

I'm gonna take all that lovin
and hold it in my heart
until the day comes
when there ain't no walls between any of us,

only silvery chords of sociality,
drawing us to one another.
The kind that make us say,
"Set down a while,
and we'll be the kind of friends
we was meant to be."

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