Sunday, June 16, 2013

My daddy is my favorite pal.

This is my dad.


I jumped from the top of the stairs
into his arms
when he came home from work.

We went to the park,
and he pushed me on the swings, singing,
"Oh wind a blowin' all day long;
oh wind that sings so loud a song!"
We had a game:
how far could I kick off my shoes
when I was at the height of the swing's arc?
He was the meticulous record keeper of my feats. 

High school:

He made my lunch,
brought me trays of fruit to eat
while I spent an hour on my hair in the morning.

He drove me to seminary,
and taught me I couldn't be mean to people
just because I was tired
and it was early.


He helped me file my own taxes.

Every time we spoke on the phone, 
he asked,
"What interesting things are you learning
in your classes?"


We sing together in the car.

We quote poems and favorite General Conference talks.

He gave me my love for
doo wop
folk music
& bald men.

He loves trains and rivers,
and he'll eat anything.

He's everything that being a dad should be.

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  1. That is so

    Why ya gotta live so far away?