Sunday, June 23, 2013


In pagan cultures,
magic is thought to be stronger
at midsummer.

And I believe it.

Each year,
I see more and more
how magical summer is.


This year,
I was determined to celebrate midsummer
and the summer solstice.

So I did.

Snow cones,
swing sets,
The Sandlot.

There are all sorts of pagan midsummer rituals
that I would have liked to do too.

Like jumping over bonfires
or dancing around a maypole
or casting wreaths of flowers into the river.

What I did was sleep with flowers under my pillow.

(It seemed easiest.)

when you sleep with flowers under your pillow
at midsummer,
you dream about your future spouse.

I guess you're supposed to have
at least seven different types of flowers.
All I had was a hollyhock
and some sort of weed that resembled a flower.
(Limited resources.)

At any rate,
I don't remember my dreams from that night,
but it was still fun.


Pagan comes from a Latin word
meaning rural or rustic.

I like the idea
of doing the same things
that centuries of simple folk did
to try to make sense of the world.

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