Friday, June 28, 2013


Tonight, I saw 42.

I loved it from the minute it started.

In the first two minutes this truth was uttered:
"Baseball was proof positive
that democracy was real."

And then for two hours,
I watched my love for baseball
play out on that screen,
my love for this land,
and for its heroes.

Now let me say,
I hate clapping at the end of movies.
Umm, hello.
The people who made the movie
aren't in the theater.
They can't hear you.

But tonight,
not only did I want to clap,
I wanted to stand up
and praise God in heaven
and applaud His children
one and all.

Because despite any and every wretched thing
ever done in this land,
there is still that firework that bursts overhead
and promises that life is still good,
and people are still good.

The bottom line is this:
See it.

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