Sunday, May 26, 2013

The only Gabby for me.

This is Gabby.

She's the girl.
Not the man in the book.

I was thinking of her a lot today
(as I always do),
thinking about writing her a tribute.
And then I found out that tomorrow is her birthday.

She's in Peru now,
serving a mission.
The title of her mission blog is
"For Guts and Glory."
Isn't that why she does everything she does?

Once upon a time,
by the most unlikely twist of fate,
we got to be roommates.

That's when I came to love 
that her favorite color is neutrals.
That she is the cutest ukulele player
I've ever seen.

She always made the most elegant vagabond.
You would never know where she was going to be,
so when she was there,
it was all the more a treasure.

I appreciate her
because she always tried to help me be brave.

You know those people who are hard to be around?
I always noticed her giving them her time,
treating them like real people.

I miss being in our living room together.
I would talk, and she would listen.
And she would talk,
but I was never as good at listening.

Happy Birthday, Gab.

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