Monday, May 27, 2013

The cruel war is raging.

Happy Memorial Day!

Today was a beautiful, American day.
There ain't no doubt I love this land:

This morning,
I ate breakfast at Denny's.

I listened to patriotic music,
especially Civil War songs.
(Gotta take the holiday back to its roots, yo.)

I felt like both a Yankee

and a Reb.

I tied a red bandana in my hair. 
With my chambray shirt,
I looked like a less terrifying Rosie the Riveter.

Allyson & I went to the other side of the lake,
where I've never been.
I love the wide-open promise 
of a quiet country landscape.

We visited a Civil War encampment,
a historical inn,
a one-room schoolhouse.

We bought those olde time candy sticks--
root beer flavored, of course.

We went to an old military cemetery,
where all the headstones said "Unknown."

We drove home,
got 50-cent slurpees,
played four-square
and badminton
and bocce ball,
and swung on swings
into the blue sky of evening.

Melissa gave us chicken and dumplings.

I read My Antonia aloud to Genevieve.

And I thought about how dyin is sometimes
more important than livin--
when it's for something that really matters.

To this nation,
and to its noble dead,
I give my heart.

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