Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ode to Panda Express.

Dear Panda Express,

It's been nearly two years
since I first made your acquaintance.

And it's not a coincidence
that they've been my two best.

I never get tired of
steamed rice,
orange chicken,
and Beijing beef.

Who knew that happiness could be bought
for $7.10?

I've visited you with some of my dearest friends.
You've been there with me on dates.
So many times,
you're the place I go when I'm cranky
and life is hard,
and I just need to eat.

I carry you home,
and eat while I watch Matilda
or Studio C clips.

There was the time
that you were my last meal
before I left for Christmas break,
and my first meal
when I returned.

We don't have you where I come from,
but I once found you in Six Flags in New Jersey,
and my sister loved you as much as I do.

You're the reason
that I can now eat with chopsticks.
You were always patient
when it took me four tries
to get anything into my mouth.

And your fortunes are always perfect.
Like the time you told me
I was sociable and entertaining.
We still have that pinned up on our bulletin board.

thank you for all the
Chinese food.

Thank you for being close to my apartment,
and close to my heart.


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