Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Mom" upside down spells "wow."

This is my mom.

Chapter 1:
along with 
Spiro T. Agnew,
Billie Holliday,
and Harriet Tubman,
is one of the best things
to ever come from the state of Maryland.

Chapter 2:
The best thing about being a child
was to wake up to her smiling,
"Are ya done sleepin?"

Some days,
when I came home from school,
there would be a surprise from her on my bed.

It's a habit I can't break:
I still check for surprises every day
when I get home.

Chapter 3:
She is a maker of beautiful things.
Homemade jam.
Garlands for Valentine's Day.
Not to mention the heart-shaped pizzas.

She sends a birthday card
to every person she knows
every year.

Chapter 4:
When you peek into her bedroom,
you bet your lucky stars
she's reading,
or napping.

Chapter 5:
Every day after school growing up,
she'd sit in the blue chair
while I told her about my day
and never asked about hers.

That's still how it is.

Chapter 6:
She has pictures of me on her mirror.
She keeps love notes from Dad 
taped up around the house.

She set the tithing check by the front door,
where I always noticed it.

She's a real lady.
That's all there is to it.


  1. Hear hear!!!! Your mom is awesome!!

  2. Wow...this is the best mothers day present! I love you!! Mom

  3. Rachel, to this day I am still so grateful to your mom for being willing to take our two sick, little, and young (one was a baby) girls while we were loading the moving truck on our move back to Utah. Always there to count on and yes, always there to listen.