Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Four Years.

Between this

Charter School of Wilmington graduation, 2009

and this

Brigham Young University graduation, 2013

a lot has changed.

(Apparently not my dad's tie
or my earrings, though.)

I became a linguist.

I started a blog.

I learned to cook.

My brother got married.

I went to California.

I wanted to take Greek,
so I did.

I discovered Indian food.

I got a job as a peer mentor.

I learned about art history.

I stopped being shy.

I learned how to make new friends.

I made new friends.

They graduated, moved away, got married, left on missions.

I learned how to love people.

I learned how to do hard things.

Thanks, BYU.
You'll be in my heart
from this day on,
now and forevermore.


  1. now, is that you'll be in my heart byu (pop version)? or non-pop version?

  2. We'll have to make sure dad wears a different tie if you go to graduate school! LOL> Love this!! your mama

  3. Why did you and your parents not come and see us? We only live up the road from BYU. We would totally love to see our friends from Delaware...