Sunday, April 21, 2013


This week, I walked through the place 
where I lived as a freshman.

Me in my freshman apartment.

I felt a bit nostalgic.

But I said to myself,
"I wouldn't trade who I am now
to go back to this,
good as it was."

Then I was talking to Genevieve about
Anne Shirley's age-old question:

"Which would you rather be?
Divinely beautiful,
or dazzlingly clever,
or angelically good?"

I realized that my answer was
None of the above.
 I'd rather stay the way I am.

Then today was kind of a hard day for some of us.
There were several group hugs in my apartment.

And somehow I said to myself,
"I'm glad life is hard.
It's better this way."
It's nice sometimes
to realize that you're satisfied.

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