Thursday, April 11, 2013

High school.

Guys, I went back to high school this semester!
To do a seminary teaching practicum at Provo High.

The first day I walked in there,
I felt like I was in high school--

insecure and out of place.

Who would I talk to?
Where should I sit?

But it got better.
I love those little kiddos now.

And then I was looking at my pictures from high school.

I started out awkward too.

Me as a freshman.

And high school was long and hard.

But I just had this revelation:

Being a teenager was kind of fun.
Kind of.

I had great friends.

And we went to an awesome high school.
We wore uniforms.

I popped my collar.

We went on minivan adventures after school.

I wasn't cool.
I didn't go to school dances.
But once,
I did this instead:

I took AP US history.
Only 4 girls in the class.

The boys high fived too much,
and it was crazy
and wonderful.

I studied French for four years.

I went to the zoo for my 17th birthday.
Good choice.

I made us have a 200th birthday party
for his excellency, Abraham Lincoln.

I had that kind of sway with the history teachers.

But most of high school felt like this:

I went to Girls' Camp,

Youth Conference,

and Trek!

beach adventures.

And then I graduated.

It sounds kind of picturesque,
the way I described it.

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