Monday, March 25, 2013

The Enthusiast.

This is Allyson.

To put it simply, she's a lovely person.

When we met, she seemed quiet and shy,
but inside,
all along,
she was Brave.

The following list of statements,
when taken in its entirety,
is meant to give you a taste of her 
and utmost 

She can talk sports with any boy.
Probably better than most.

She knows everything about every old movie 
you've never heard of.

She will keep score for your basketball game
or join your inner tube water polo team
at the last minute.
And score.

She has high class tastes,
for the Oscars
and for Fashion Week.

She effortlessly and tastefully
brings the historian's perspective 
into life's great questions,
offering much needed practicality
to those whose intellect waxes esoteric.

I could go on.

Maybe read her blog instead?

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