Friday, March 22, 2013

Live Music.

Here's what I love about live music:

You just stand there
and listen.

You're not expected to do anything,
but you're not bored either.

And so you're free to think,
usually about how life is funny and beautiful
and how glad you are to be living in that moment.

You also get the chance to look around at other people
without them noticing.

Truth is,
they look silly if they're bopping around;
they look silly if they're standing still.

Everybody looks silly.

I love when it's loud
and you can feel it rumbling inside you.
not like metaphorically or anything.)

It's like mixing your sense of hearing
with your sense of touch.

The other day, I felt the bass humming and buzzing
behind my belly button,
and I wondered if that was what it felt like
to learn to apparate.

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