Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Home Sweet Home.

Let me paint a picture for you
of a typical night at my apartment.

I'm coming home from school,
and before I even get inside,
Megan and I make faces at each other 
through the kitchen window.

I ask her about work,
and she has a great story to tell
while she concocts some amazing
gluten-free dish.

Genevieve is in the kitchen too,
playing some inspiring music,
chopping garlic
and bubbling over with joy
as she tells us an interesting fact about it.

Katie is in her spot in the corner,
exclaiming things about math
that we don't understand.
But she's making us giggle.

Amy has her books in a semicircle around her,
planning lessons for her fourth graders.
She pulls out one of her headphones
and puts on that cute face she makes,
telling us about something cool that she did today.

Ashley emerges from the back,
stands next to the food cupboard,
and exclaims something
that sends us into fits of
"Right on!"

If we're lucky,
there are one or two boys there
just sitting,
doing their homework,
or distracting us.

It's a beautiful thing,
and it's a good life.

End scene.