Monday, February 25, 2013


I used to have this thing against California & Florida.
I thought of them as glorified vacation spots.

You can't live year round in a place with palm trees!

Obviously, I had a change of heart.
I actually went to California.

Right now I'm in Orlando for a conference.

This is our hotel!

And it's lush
and warm
and I love it.

And I said to myself,
I need to spend at least part of my life 
living in a place with palm trees.

Ignoring what this humidity does to my hair, of course.
Let's not talk about that.

But then I went to a conference session
given by a sweet man from Alabama.

And I decided,
I need to spend at least part of my life in the South.

I need to live in a town called Possum Trot.

The next session was led by a women from Rhode Island.

Then, of course,
I need to spend at least part of my life in New England.

I want to be brash and intelligent.

And maybe live near Walden Pond.

And I want to be a hipster in the Pacific Northwest.

And a farmer in the Midwest.

And a Delaware mom who vacations at the beach
and has a smoker voice.

Not to mention how terrifying it is to think of life
without the Rockies.

1 comment:

  1. And how will you manage a smoker voice, LOL? That will be a linguistics feat!

    xoxo Mom