Saturday, November 10, 2012

That has made all the difference.

Yesterday, the weather forecast called for rain.

And I was glad!

It don't rain much here,
so it's a welcome relief from endless sunshine.

Who likes that?

The best thing about rain is these:

Rain boots.
Puddle boots.

They instantly make any outfit better.

So I had on ma boots,
and started my walk to school.

Rain turned to hail
and hail turned to snow.

People started grumbling
and then came the incensed facebook statuses.

But I felt happy all day long.

I stomped and trekked wherever I wanted,
all the while my feet remaining dry and warm,
without a reason to grumble or update my status.

And I was free to get taken away by the stillness
and the wonder
and other feelings that sound trite when you write about them,
but which really happen.

And I attribute all those good feelings
to my rain boots.

They really made all the difference.