Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who ever knew such hullabaloo?

I have a crush
on this boy.

(from here)

Let me distinguish between having a crush
and liking a boy.

You like a boy when you love to be around him.
He's your friend and you can talk,
and you wish he wanted to date you.

You have a crush when you're infatuated with someone,
and you wish you had a reason to talk to him
because if you did, he would obviously want to date you.

A crush is a lot like this:

(from here)

I haven't had a crush in two years,
so it's been frustrating me.

I hate that I feel nervous and awkward around him
so I can't even get to know him 
and turn this crush into liking.

What am I, in high school again?


I'm twenty-one years old.

It seems silly to worry about trying to stare at him 
without him noticing.

I just want to tell him, even though it means nothing,
because that's what I do these days.

I think we should all talk about our feelings.

I think that would make me feel a lot better.

But that being said,
there is something a little magical
about having a crush on someone for no reason.

It's like archetypal human behavior.

So really, I don't mind.

(from here)


  1. More social communication has been a resolution of mine for a couple of years now. I believe that instead of assuming, wondering, or doubting in situations, we should just ASK. I call it "social boldness: getting the answers."

    1. Wow, great advice. I'm way too much of an assumer-wonderer-doubter.