Friday, July 6, 2012

Let us live to make men free.

Guys, I just really love America.

Last year, I said I couldn't love Independence Day the best because it's too commercialized.

But I've changed my tune.

How could I not love my country's national day more than anything else?

This year, I decided a couple of things.

1. All that you need to have a good Independence Day is

a pancake breakfast





2. I have to vote.

I watched Iron Jawed Angels, about Alice Paul & the 19th Amendment.

Once upon a time, women couldn't vote.

And they went to jail, and went on hunger strikes, and fought and fought.

And you don't take lightly that kind of sacrifice
for that kind of freedom.

3. Fireworks make my heart swell with all the glory of the loftiest human triumphs.

I think they should make fireworks that blaze the shape of George Washington's head in the sky.


I like the gold ones the best.

4. I'm going to have a patriotic wedding.

No question.

No matter what time of year I get married.

Won't it just be the best?

5.I want to move to Washington, DC & be a yuppie.

Like, it needs to happen.

I'll work for the Smithsonian,

jaunt around eating sundry cuisine,

wearing Banana Republic,

participating in free patriotic events in our nation's capital.

And John Phillip Sousa marches will be my life's soundtrack.

As He died to make men holy,
let us live to make men free
while God is marching on!

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  1. Oh man, I love this. I am moving to D.C. with you. And we WILL definitely wear Banana Republic. And be absolutely amazing