Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Good Life.

Today, I lived the good life.

Wedding dress shopping with a beautiful bride,

But Lizzie's way prettier than this.

penne rosa in a thick, delicious sauce from Noodles & Company,

If food is the best part of life (and I daresay it is) and sauces are the best part of food (and I daresay then are) then sauces are the best part of life.

cruising around in a Ford Windstar,

This is the one we had when I was a little kid.

a pirate shark beach towel from Walmart,

Mine has 3 sharks, not 4, and a pirate ship in the background.

Cajun food at dinner group with my favorite people,

S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in my pants),

How can I qualify for government grants?

doing the dishes whilst sharing headphones with Jessica,

Doing dishes with another person is my favorite. Especially when we listen to "You'll Be in My Heart (Pop Version)."

spontaneous trip to Coldstone with Crandall & Chelston,

Putting Heath bar in it is the best.

talking about why we love America whilst watching a parking lot fireworks show,

This scene from The Sandlot exemplifies my love for America.

kitchen dance party with Kimmie to celebrate our one year friend anniversary,

We danced to songs from Up.

and then running through the sprinklers.

Self, great day!


  1. you'll be in my heart (pop version)!
    also, i'm pretty sure you forgot getting an amazing surprise america package in the mail.

  2. sounds TOO fun! You must be well. xoxo Mom

  3. Wow. Your 4th of July was waaaaay more personally fulfilling than mine. Although I did, for the first time in my life, spend the 4th of July IN Utah, like real Utahns do (another "A" felt superfluous). Would I rather be at the Philadelphia Independence Day celebrations? Yes. The Cleveland Orchestra Independence Day Concert at Blossom Park? Heck yes. But one can't celebrate every holiday to the fullest.