Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A voice crying from the dust.

The other day, I was at Walmart in the school supply aisle.

I pulled a rainbow-and-black striped binder from the shelf and exclaimed in my head,

"Letitia would love this!"

(It was like unto this, but on a binder.)

So the weird thing is
Letitia isn't a real person.

She's the main character of a story I started 
during seventh grade.

And I haven't worked on it or probably thought of it 
in seven years.

But when I saw that binder, she was the first person 
I thought of.

See, 'cause Letitia loved rainbows,
and her whole room was rainbow colors with black accents.

"No one understood her.
No one even tried.
She was the perfect combination of 
southern belle and city girl,
but no one noticed it at the time."

Letitia was kind of a weirdie, but Joe loved her anyway.

He was going to get confused and start dating her best friend,
but then end up with Letitia in the end.

Pretty enthralling plot, right?


  1. Hahaha! She sounds vaguely familiar, but i think that's cuz you prolly told me about it in the 7th grade.