Friday, May 25, 2012

Victory, O Lord!

All paintings should be like this:

Crazy eyes
and brambled beards
powerful bodies
under corrugated garments.

Painted by our good buddy John Everett Millais
of the PRB!

But then again,
I also think that we should portray our presidents like gods,

(Washington, Horatio Greenough)

so maybe we can't trust me
after all.

1 comment:

  1. Lol. In the chapel at the Provo Temple, when you're waiting on the last bench to go into the room for confirmations, I always look at that picture of Alma baptizing in the waters of Mormon and wonder, "Why are Nephites ALWAYS portrayed bare-chested, bulging muscles and veins, Schwarzenegger-style? They probably just looked like normal people." I mean go to any indigenous population on the world today; do you find Kimbo Slice? No. Normal human beings with regular anatomy? Yes. Extreme muscle mass is a relatively rare genetic trait when expressed without the help of adrenergic agonists, protein milk, and barbells. Come on, no one paints ancient Israelites like that. And they're all wearing an appropriate amount of clothing.