Monday, April 9, 2012

This girl had a little lamb.

This is Mary.

She's my roommate.

She's wealthy.

She can save your durn life faster than you can say,
"What's it to ya?"

That's cause she's a nurse like these classy ladies.

She gets all her wisdom from Dolly.
Like, "It doesn't mean a thing if you ain't got love."

After all, Dolly makes the world go round.

She's a calling-zilla.

But that's probably just because she does everything better than everyone else.

She makes a mean calzone.

And she wages war on trans fat.

I love 'er because she gives me banana bread to foster inner peace.

And because she loves this:

She leaves me speechless, quite speechless I tell you, and I haven't stopped talking of it since!


  1. Oh Rachel, this blog post is truly epic. It is the best tribute to myself (out of many many many many many many tributes that have been made) I've ever seen in my entire life! What succinct, sweet words and images you use to describe me! How great thou art Rachel Moyes, how great thou art. I think I'm going to put back those 6 pairs of underwear I stole from you. I'm a changed woman.

  2. You and your tributes to other people!!! So... I can't even think of a good enough word.
    Hahahahaha! i LOVE the thing on the fridge!