Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twenty-One Guns.

Yesterday, I turned 21.

The phrase
one year older and wiser, too.
is actually true in this instance.

This was me two years ago:

-Turning 19.
-Just figuring out how to succeed in college.
-Grasping at straws.
-Longest hair of my life.
-Learning to accept constructive criticism.
-Coming close to being in love.
-Experiencing major self-doubt.

This was me one year ago:

-Turning 20.
-Wearing a diva hat.
-Languishing in timidity.
-Trying to increase in charity.
-Worring about the future.
-Making new friends.
-Staring a blog.
-Experiencing major self-doubt.

This was me yesterday:

-Turning 21.
-Experiencing love to consume my flesh.
-Unsure about the future.
-Relishing in the present.
-Realizing people > school.
-Gaining opportunities at work.
-Experiencing minor self-doubt.

It's not that I'm perfect now,
but I can really see how I've grown in the last 365 days.

I find this comparison illustrative:

My 20th birthday was on Monday night,
and we had FHE at the bishop's house.
Someone told him it was my birthday,
and his wife made cake.

There were a few FHE groups there,
but I only knew my roommates.
Everyone there sang to me,
and it was questionable whether some of the people
would know what name to fill into the song.

On my 21st birthday, I had a party,
and approximately 70 people stopped by.

I told my roommate that last year, I only had like 10 friends.
So now I have 7x more friends.
And next year, I'll have 70 x 7 

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  1. Nice scripture reference there at the end ;) and it's true. the last year of your life has been momentous for you.